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Marking the culmination of awards season, the Oscars deliver the ultimate in Hollywood glamour. From stunning sequin columns
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Monogrammed Anything is Always High On My List For the Beauty Addicts Sephora Whenever I need a unique and adorable greeting
We often think about giving back during the winter holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and the like tend to evoke
Just like a baby, your Mom won't know the exact due date for the Box of Style. The chic Box of Style itself is a high quality
Amplifying my anticipation was the next spoiler. Jules Smith pave bar and stone cuff. Rachel Zoe advocates the importance
As she explains it, Betsey Johnson picked up her football expertise "from the ground and not from above." She learned the
To the Tips of Your Toes Boots that are Fierce and Fight the Frigid Weather REI 303 Lafayette St. New York, NY 10012 (212
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It's the same thing. Sort of. I mean - right? A lot. Facebook had just replaced Myspace as the new IT thing, and I used to
The former stylist deemed the Givenchy show "a New York moment."
This is bananas.  Celebrity stylist, reality star and catchphrase queen Rachel Zoe has landed her very own TV show. "Fashionably
My greatest dream for the future is for an environmentally sound world. I wish for universal acceptance and understanding of all beliefs, religions and cultures. I want to envision the world in 2030 as a peaceful place, where individuality is embraced and people are not judged and persecuted for their differences.
Sometimes, that means little ones popping up at editorial meetings or designers' parties. You can read Zoe's full post here
This season I am all into the treads. Here are 5 pairs of boots that will make you feel like a badass. I've also put all the looks mentioned below on my Pinterest page.
If you think your office job is rough, know this: Tina worked the front desk at a YMCA after being turned down for jobs at a Ruby Tuesday and a theater box-office.