Raising Boys

Society has long expected boys to ignore their emotional sides. Here are small ways parents can push back.
The Grammy-winning singer has three sons -- Kingston, Zuma and Apollo.
Trying to raise a feminist has always been a battle; has it always felt like a losing one?
The HuffPost Parents community shared cute photos of their sons and their dolls.
Strong women shouldn’t be just for girls.
You know a gentleman when you see him. And I’m not talking Pierce Brosnan in a dinner jacket. I’ve seen scruffy dudes in
I have no idea what goes through the minds of toy manufacturers when they're building these complicated little things intended for boy play. I imagine it's something like this: "Haha! Finally! Here is something they'll never be able to destroy."
Pregnancy is a subtle and not-so-subtle minefield of sexist innuendos. You fall pregnant and you become the target of gender
I’m struggling to explain sexism to my 9-year old son.
For when you're outnumbered.