The House Ethics Committee found the departing congressman financially benefited from a cryptocurrency that he was promoting and violated conflict of interest rules.
The pickup truck’s driver was reportedly screaming that he had lost control of the vehicle and couldn’t stop it before the crash in Raleigh.
The details about the shootings emerged from the four-page preliminary report that Raleigh’s police chief provided to the city manager.
The president condemned the shooting in North Carolina, in which five people died and two were injured, and renewed his push for assault weapon bans.
Five people are dead after the 15-year-old opened fire along a walkway.
The suspect is a white juvenile male and has been arrested, police in North Carolina said Thursday night.
Meredith College in Raleigh is renaming a building named after James Yadkin Joyner, a white supremacist who supported unequal funding for schools based on race.
Officials are warning millions along the coastline to evacuate now before it’s too late.