The facility remains in operation after seven workers tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.
When you can't find fish, rice, milk, pasta or flour during the coronavirus pandemic, use these substitutes instead.
Deputies are looking into the theft of a large trailer holding the massive amounts of soup.
How did she manage to avoid eating her work?!?!
Anyone who has watched The Shawshank Redemption knows cigarettes are currency in jail. But these days, according to a new study, they are being supplanted by packages of ramen noodles, the Guardian US reports.
There was a new study all over the news this week that states ramen in American prisons, is now replacing the once popular cigarettes as currency.
Lukas Volger's new book, BOWL, brims with brilliant noodle-broth ideas. Cherry-pick the toppings you like, or follow the
Our recipe drops the calories from 1,200 to 350 without losing the flavor.
Your favorite ramen noodles just graduated from your dorm room.