Eat as much as you want. But these recipes will help you feel a little better afterward.
“Don’t have your kids be dressed up as pilgrims and Indians. We’re real people."
There's no other way to perfectly season your bird and guarantee that it won't dry out.
Got a busy morning? These are your best friend.
A from-scratch, bodega-style breakfast sando just needs a few minutes steamed in a paper wrap to mimic the real thing.
Give your grilled cheese a makeover with the help of creamy brie, crispy bacon and sweet, delicious fig jam.
The popularity of plant-based diets has been growing over the past several years. Chefs, bloggers and home cooks have been
Turn the classic sandwich into an animal lover’s dream. You're welcome, PETA.
From oyster-stuffed loaves and club sandwiches topped with bananas, we sure have come a long way.
Béchamel, ham and Gruyere combine forces in one fancy-pants sandwich.
If you think going keto means giving up sandwiches, think again.
It's basically a combination of a burger and grilled cheese. How much better can it get?
Tender beef, buttery baguettes and fancy French cheese make the perfect weeknight dinner with the help of your trusty pressure cooker.
If you use your multicooker so often that you've forgotten how to turn on your stove, these recipes are for you.
Follow this recipe and a few commandments to make the mac-daddy of all suppers.
Make this wildly popular sauce at home, and you can dial down the heat to your liking.
Rosh Hashanah doesn't always have to be about brisket and babka. Try ash-e-reshteh, an aromatic green soup swimming with noodles and beans.
Think you don't like eggplant? You've probably just had it badly cooked.
If you don't have cacio e pepe in your pasta repertoire, now's the time to add it.