How could our marriage be over before we’d even put away the gifts?
Only we have a say in what we do and when we do it. No one else gets a vote.
The most romantic statement my husband Gabe ever made to me didn't happen on our wedding day.  He didn't declare it at the
How can couples avoid the pitfalls that prevent the success of a second marriage? The key ingredients to a successful remarriage
But geez already, it is really discouraging to think that a year or two into a new relationship, I will be disappointed and unhappy once again. And to make it worse, I can't think of a single married friend of mine who is happy with his marital sex life.
It's a well-known fact that I'm a big proponent of "seconds"--all sorts of seconds, from second helpings (that's where the "big" comes from) to second chances. So preparing for a second honeymoon with my second husband should have been--what else?--second nature to me.
No matter where you go, no matter who you meet, no matter who you even marry, once you get divorced, you don't ever stop being That Person Who Failed at Marriage.
Second marriages are different for so many reasons. They are a do-over at happiness. They are about forgiving yourself and
Successful co-parenting requires a diligent and dedicated commitment from both parents. We both agreed to put the ever-present
After my divorce, with a three-year-old in tow, even with a co-parenting plan in place, I felt like damaged goods. I came
After I was divorced, I didn't flaunt it as an accomplishment like a master's thesis (although it took years longer), but
While it may be very tempting to run back into the arms of the person you ultimately separated from (whether you called that shot or not), it is prudent to step back and make a very objective assessment as to whether getting back together will work this next time around.
Our vacation made me realize first how stressed I truly am in my day-to-day life, and part of the reason for it is I don't take enough time for my self-care, my passions, or my family time.
Sadly, those who have been through a divorce don't always learn from the experience. If you are divorced and considering re-marriage, you can increase your odds for success if you take the time to truly recover from your divorce and prepare yourself to move on, both individually and as a couple.