Roberto Cavalli

I was cleaning my closet, minimizing my life by getting rid of anything I no longer needed or wanted. All part of the new life mantra: less stuff, more purpose. Sorting through years of some serious conspicuous consumption. The Sonny and Cher vest? Out. The purple stone-washed jeans, size 8? Out.
This Cavalli number might be her most revealing yet.
Photo credit: Sarah Fielding Photo credit: Sarah Fielding What's next ? Some much needed rest, pampering and glamorous wardrobe
On Thursday, The Guggenheim Museum hosted its annual Young Collector's Party. The evening supported The Guggenheim Museum in its pursuit to procure works by emerging contemporary artists.
If your son or daughter would rather skim the pages of GQ and Vogue than the latest Dr. Seuss book, check out these designer fashions for your rising fashionista!
Swift is set to perform at the show, as well as Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith. Find us on Pinterest! The superstar singer wore
So typically a VIP Lounge during a film festival, be it Cannes, Venice or DIFF, is a place where mere mortals aren't welcomed. It's reserved for the celebrities and their producers, an oasis where they can get pampered, fed, rehydrated and then released with about ten to fifteen bags in tow.
As far back as I can remember, I always admired the graffiti art surrounding California, especially three legendary graffiti artists, Revok, Reyes and Steel, who recently filed a landmark lawsuit in California against embroiled fashion designer Roberto Cavalli.
The blog includes a petition with over 3,300 signatures, and organizers hope to get about 5,000 altogether. The company declined
Manuela Rana never had dreams of the American dream, but when she found the man of her dreams, she didn't hesitate to cross the Atlantic to be with him.
If Rita Ora's recent Instagram photos and red carpet looks were to give us any clue, then we'd say, "Yes! She's Roberto Cavalli's
Bikini season is fast approaching, but Roberto Cavalli and his much younger girlfriend have been getting a jump on summer
1. We wear way too much black -- a sneaky attempt to look thinner. "Oh, please. New York became like that because everyone
Aw, poor Cavalli. But kudos to whichever audience member managed to grab the jacket -- think that thing's floating around
From gothic lace to dramatic lines and statement jewels, Britain's brightest stars have been channeling their inner punk on the red carpet this spring. Mohicans optional.
Now we ain't saying she's a gold digger, but Robert Cavalli's girlfriend has earned whatever she's getting out of the relationship