Sacramento's business improvement district wants to use a civil injunction to ban seven homeless men from the community.
The chilling missives used several of President Donald Trump's catchphrases to attack the press.
“He had his entire life ahead of him,” Stevante Clark said of his brother, who was shot dead by police in California last year.
A reporter and several clergy members were among those detained.
Amber Clark was managing the branch in which Ronald Seay had allegedly caused a disturbance two months ago.
Will the Golden State soon be gone? It sounds like California dreaming, but voters will now have to choose whether to split their state into three.
"For over 40 years, helpless victims have waited for justice," a district attorney said.
New video footage released by the Sacramento Police Department shows officers waiting over five minutes to help Stephon Clark after shooting him eight times in his grandmother’s backyard.
The bush behind a Sacramento mural of the musician exploded with flowers and people loved it.
The march was held on the same day police killed yet another unarmed black man.
A California bill is aiming to reduce the use of lethal force by law enforcement in an effort to protect civilian lives, specifically people of color.
Faith Linthicum started a self-promoting GoFundMe campaign after she was fired for her heartless comment on Facebook.
Opening fire should be enforced as the last resort, the bill's supporters say.
"It was a hit and run," Wanda Cleveland, the woman struck by the vehicle, told The Sacramento Bee. "If I did that I'd be charged."
Former Sacramento Kings player Matt Barnes held a rally in honor of Clark Saturday. Black Lives Matter led a protest through downtown the night before.
We cannot bring Stephon back from the dead, but we can make sure that his death is not in vain.
About 200 demonstrators squared off with police in riot gear overnight, and more protests are planned for Saturday.
Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy for Stephon Clark, the unarmed 22-year-old who was fatally shot by police.
Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy at the funeral of Stephon Clark, the 22-year-old unarmed black man shot and killed by police in Sacramento.