Salt Lake City

Sylvan Christensen, one of the men taking credit for the monolith's removal, said cutting into rock to erect the edifice was an “ethical failure.”
The sheriff in San Juan County says he doesn’t have the resources to devote much time and energy to finding the object.
Salt Lake City Police Officer Nickolas Pearce faces a felony aggravated assault charge in an incident that left Jeffrey Ryans with leg injuries, prosecutors said.
The Utah boy's mother called 911 asking for a crisis intervention team. Police responded instead and shot him.
District Attorney Sim Gill is accused of elevating charges against protesters who broke windows and splashed red paint on his office building.
The Traverse fire has engulfed at least 1,000 acres in the Traverse Mountains near the city of Lehi, according to local authorities.
Protesters across the country were met with an increasingly heavy-handed police response, and at least 25 cities imposed curfews.
The quake knocked out power to some homes and brought the light rail system to a halt.
Owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, BYU just updated its "honor code," leading many to believe it had become more LGBTQ inclusive.
“The last time someone touched me without my say-so was when I was kidnapped, and I froze,” the Utah kidnapping and rape survivor told "CBS This Morning."