Salt Lake City

Organizers at the Imagine Dragons-headlining event say they have a “zero-tolerance policy” toward discrimination and will “continuously work” to improve it.
Mormon leaders were told her father abused his children, Kristy Johnson said, but they didn’t call the police.
It's not yet known if the autopilot was engaged. The car's driver suffered a broken ankle.
Army veteran Christopher Wilson, who was there for treatment, said the staff didn’t even acknowledge the mess.
The incident comes just days after health officials repeatedly warned against ingesting them.
Wubbels said she will donate part of the money to help others obtain body cam footage from police.
The benefits of medicinal cannabis are clear and the federal government shouldn't interfere with Americans receiving vital treatment for chronic illness.
The third grader was beaten with a hammer, allegedly by his mother's ex-boyfriend.
In a recent letter to the editor, Jonna Ramey said what we're all thinking.
“Protecting the rights of others is truly a heroic act.”
The nurse refused to let Detective Jeff Payne take blood from an unconscious patient without having a warrant.
Usually, though, it's not at the hands of police officers.
The children are safe, thanks to good Samaritans.