Sam Talbot

Instagram isn't exactly known as a hotbed of positivity or support -- but the moms and their sons behind the adorable "blood sugar bromance" have proved that this app can provide much more than just selfies and brunch photoshoots.
Superficially speaking, of course.
Watch as Sam Talbot makes a delicious goat cheese grilled cheese -- on the grill! -- with fresh roasted peppers and hand-torn basil that no one will be able to pass up.
In this video, Sam Talbot shows you how to keep cool by making two great no-cook hors d'oeuvres.
In this video, chef Sam Talbot shows you a new take on classic roast chicken. He demonstrates how to properly butterfly a whole bird, and uses a quick and delicious marinade to add bold flavors to your meal.
In this video, Sam Talbot demonstrates how to prepare a lighter version of fried chicken, first marinating it in buttermilk and then baking it for a crispy, golden finish.
"It's the beach so people are laid back and easy. Just like the food -- no bells, no whistles, just clean and simple fun."