San Antonio

The incident at a San Antonio middle school highlights the state's youth gun violence issue, with Texas leading the U.S. in unintentional shootings by children.
The legislation protecting businesses that donate to anti-LGBTQ groups takes effect on Sept. 1.
The fast-food chain was blocked from airports in Texas and New York this year amid backlash over its anti-LGBTQ stance.
The measure would effectively permit businesses to be openly anti-LGBTQ without fear of retaliation.
Just over a week ago, the eatery was blocked from opening a San Antonio location.
The San Antonio City Council voted this month to block the opening of the chicken chain in an airport, calling out its anti-LGBTQ stance.
San Antonio Councilman Roberto Treviño said the plan "reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality and inclusion."
The former San Antonio mayor called out the "crisis of leadership" in the White House while firmly planting himself in the Democratic Party's progressive wing.
The 44-year-old former San Antonio mayor said he'll announce a decision Jan. 12.
Opponents dismissed the lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, based on a Republican-backed law, as a “publicity stunt.”
The University of Texas at San Antonio has said the student has "elected not to file a formal complaint of discrimination."
But the finder has raised questions by changing her story about where the cats came from.
The former sheriff would also be the state’s first openly queer governor. But her victory is far from a given.
Parents of the Texas teen have been charged with child abuse, and it's "highly likely" a man who offered the family $20,000 to marry her will be arrested.
Another bomb has exploded in Texas, this time at a FedEx facility close to San Antonio. The FBI says it could be linked to the recent spree of bombings in Austin.
The package blew up on a conveyor belt in a local sorting facility in Schertz, Texas.
"Got any assignments you want to throw at me?” Alexei Wood asked in one email to an editor before Jan. 20.