San Antonio

The "Inside the NBA" analyst had a running gag about women in San Antonio, but blamed "jackasses trying to get you canceled" for ending it.
The figure at Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks in San Antonio had "deep" scratches after repeated attacks by visitors.
"We are devastated," said the president of Friends of Animals, which manages the Primarily Primates sanctuary near San Antonio.
San Antonio's parks department called it the largest crossing meant for both people and animals in the United States.
Last year, the San Antonio City Council cited the fast food chain's anti-LGBTQ history in striking plans for a franchise at the city's airport.
At least 50 coronavirus cases have emerged at Calvary Chapel of San Antonio, which had been meeting in person since May, according to Pastor Ron Arbaugh.
The plane, which had been traveling from Sugar Land to Boerne in Texas when it experienced engine trouble, crashed while attempting to land, officials said.
The incident at a San Antonio middle school highlights the state's youth gun violence issue, with Texas leading the U.S. in unintentional shootings by children.
The legislation protecting businesses that donate to anti-LGBTQ groups takes effect on Sept. 1.
The fast-food chain was blocked from airports in Texas and New York this year amid backlash over its anti-LGBTQ stance.