San Diego

The embattled California lawmaker is accusing his Arab Christian opponent of sympathizing with terrorists.
The California congressman, up for re-election in November, is accused of misusing $250,000.
The woman, presumably the teen's mom, showed off some impressive moves at San Diego's Petco Park.
Ninja turtles Michaelangelo and Donatello are at Comic-Con in San Diego promoting their new show.
Costume-clad fans of DC, Marvel and zombies are descending upon San Diego this week in supersized style.
No injuries were reported, except for a police officer who accidentally shot himself in the leg.
TripAdvisor has published its annual list of the top ten travel destinations in the country. For the eighth year in a row, New York City earned the number one spot.
As the president inspected 8 slabs at the border, familiar campaign chants echoed again.
To deal with depression, you need to deal with its underlying causes.
"Walls and walls of green buds, jugs full of flower / Indicas for the in da couch, sativas for the power."
"If I’m going to be arrested for something, let it be for feeding the homeless," said Matthew Schneck, one of the volunteers cited in El Cajon, outside San Diego.
The men are said to have faced up to seven years in prison.
California raised its fire threat level to "purple" on Friday, a never-before-used color.
Hurricane-force winds could make the already devastating wildfires even worse.