Beat the heat and quench your thirst with these fun summer drinks. Whether you're craving a fruity sangria, a creamy mudslide or a healthy smoothie, you'll be spoiling yourself with these sweet sips all summer long. Cheers!
Wine and fruit -- what's not to love?
Travel Tips 2. Be Prepared to Walk In some cities, like Madrid, Barcelona, and Toledo, as examples, walking is truly an adventure
I'm Irish which means one of my favorite days of the year is St. Patrick's Day, obviously! So in the spirit of celebrating
Manischewitz jello shots are real.
Summer is an invitation to pure delight. It's sleeping a little later, reading a little longer, calling an old friend for a spur-of-the moment lunch. It's fresh fruit and vegetables, and the kinds of recipes you see here.
Being an event planner for many years I became a sucker for the signature cocktail, that's why I'm always coming up with
These easy, breezy drinks will satisfy your thirst while adding some flavor to your relaxing day by the pool.
Sangria is a total party in a pitcher. We've never met anyone who didn't swoon over this fruity, festive punch. But despite its awesome reputation, most variations are over-sweetened with extra sugar and calorie-laden liqueurs. No thanks!
In my opinion there are three things that make for a good party: signature drinks, great food and beautiful decorations! Add a few of these tips below to this weekend's gathering and you're guaranteed to have the party everyone can't stop talking about.