The billionaire philanthropist said he will isolate until he is again healthy.
Enjoy your stay on this peaceful island in a waterfront cabin or a quaint farmhouse that houses actual animals and a yoga studio.
The actress has joined the ownership group of the Nashville SC ahead of the opening of the MLS team's new stadium on Sunday.
That makes seven Starbucks stores that have voted to unionize in a matter of months.
Vancouver police officer Donald Sahota, 52, collapsed on his front porch before responding officers figured out he wasn’t the suspect.
Employee who choose to test weekly must pay the cost of testing themselves and get tested a pharmacy, clinic or other testing site where someone is observing the test.
Opposition to “defund the police” rhetoric and policies undermined more dramatic reform efforts in several cities.
The mayor's office also says 78% of the city's population 12 and older has started the vaccination process.
After racial justice protests erupted in New York, Seattle and Portland, Trump attempted to cut the cities' federal funding by labeling them "anarchist."
With the election outcome still unknown, scattered and largely peaceful protests took place from Seattle to New York City.