A 27-year-old man was taken into custody for the early morning incident that left a second person hospitalized.
Jenny Durkan had the Capitol Hill Occupation Protest dismantled in the least progressive way possible
The shooting happened late Sunday night in the area near Seattle's downtown that is known as CHOP, for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.”
The 70-year-old man said goodbye to his family before miraculously recovering.
After President Donald Trump threatened to crush peaceful protesters in Seattle, local politicians told the president to “go back to his bunker.”
The president called the demonstrators "anarchists" and said they "must be stooped."
The tense standoff between protesters and police continued amid calls for the mayor's resignation over police use of force.
The TV reporter said her clothing was scorched during a protest against George Floyd's death, but she was otherwise "totally fine."
An officer in Seattle appeared to use the dangerous technique twice in a scene that was caught on video.