Serenity Saturdays

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes Programs available at varying costs at You don't have to leave the digital world
Growing up in a strict and traditional household, bestselling author Dani Shapiro says her religious beliefs stemmed from
On December 26, when many Americans are cleaning up from Christmas festivities, the pan-African and African American holiday
If you work in an office, chances are you sit in front of a computer all day and rarely pry yourself out of your chair for
University of Wisconsin psychology professor Richard Davidson found in his research that a meditation practice might help
In order to get to any long term goal you have to have plans, an agenda, a to-do list," says Zimbardo. "Future-oriented people
In "happy" accidents... In your morning rituals... In your kitchen... Happiness can be found even in the smallest of places
On OWN's upcoming episode of "Super Soul Sunday," Schultz describes how he was feeling at that moment. When the founder of
Putting the Golden Rule into practice every day, she says, is what matters. "Once you do it, everything falls into place
When you make gratitude a practice and express it to others, you shore up your own sense emotional well-being. Gift-giving can then be what it really is: a small sweet moment in a long rich life.
4. Frame it as a matter of making the best choices. If your manager resists making these kinds of trade-offs, you need to
Let's face it, daily life can be beyond stressful. And between a demanding job and even more demanding home life, it becomes next to impossible to squeeze a bit of serenity into our everyday rounds. But what if being idle were just as productive -- and necessary -- as being super busy?
Feeling broken can be debilitating and hard to move through. A few steps we can take to refind our wholeness include the
Complete Rules HuffPost and Bliss Spa have partnered to bring you some radiance after this often-stressful season. We'll
Need a way to de-stress and get your mind back on course? Your smartphone may be the answer. "The philosophy behind it is
Jawdat Ibrahim says smartphones have destroyed the modern dining experience and wants to bring back a more innocent time
Take a holistic approach to health. The 1960s saw a grassroots revival of holistic health and natural medicine, as mind-body
Humbled, I've watched my courageous clients tolerate the uncertainty of what is to come and leap off the mountain without looking back. Some have found great success with their next steps, while others have not been as fortunate. If nothing else they now know that they can tolerate failure, they don't have to fear it. They jumped off the mountain and they survived.
"Because love can only grow," Francine adds. "That's what you do, is you protect that hole. You can't fill it. You can't