Short Hairstyles

The ‘dos include the “side part,” the “swept-back” and the “punk coif.”
Whether it's a pixie or lob, there's something especially freeing about having short hair. Though dramatic hair transformations
"I'm loving my pixie." I never thought those words would come from me.
I cut off my long hair because I wanted short hair. It's really that simple. I didn't do it to piss anyone off. If my pixie pisses you off, just remember: it's mine.
Let's face it, none of us want to age but it is inevitable, and with that comes one of man's biggest fears: hair loss. You can either choose to deal it with in a graceful way or make an ass out yourself by growing hair to try to cover the bald spots or receding hairline.
After learning years ago that her "awesome grandmother" had been cutting her own short and wavy hair, she decided to take
With summer coming up, we're thinking about the ways in which we want to wear our hair. It seems that the sky is the limit
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From wavy to bone-straight to asymmetrical, these mid-length looks added to already fierce outfits. Darker hair colors, like
Once you build your base with uncompromising color and a take-no-prisoners cut, a signature style is guaranteed to complete your look. What often comes more naturally to younger dolls can also be had easily by all women.