Sleep Deprivation

Teaching kids sleep hygiene may be an easy way to reduce crime.
It's only natural for parents to want their child to be healthy as they can be and part of helping your child be healthy is making sure that their child gets a good night's rest. But what if your child doesn't sleep well?
If you have been feeling overwhelmed and need more sleep, a meditation practice can help you feel better almost immediately
Sleep may be one of the most important things that you do on a daily basis. It is the means by which our brains self-cleanse
The collective interest in getting a good night’s sleep is growing, and for good reason. Thankfully, for the sake of society’s
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Helping a grade school child who has always been surrounded by his or her parents learn to adapt to sleeping alone can be a difficult task. While the exact age is dependent on parental styles, here are some reasons why it's a good idea to mobilize your child to learn to sleep on her own.
Then if the therapist thinks it's best that you don't handle the problem by yourselves he or she will offer to visit with the child a few times. Only then after this evaluation will a decision be made about the reasons for a recommendation for therapy.
Agmon M, Shochat T and Kizony R; (2016) Sleep Quality is Associated with Walking Under Dual Task, but not Single Task, Gait
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There are a million different things you could do to be kind, and you are possibly the world's expert on what your partner would consider kind. But here are eight suggestions. Possibly they will just reinforce what you already know, or maybe they will give you fresh ideas of things to try.
Here's to a great day (sleep or not)! There is simply no doubt that we need sleep to be at our best. Force yourself to get
The feature allows you to set evening alarm times that will remind you when it is time to go to bed in order to meet your individual sleep need.
Why are so many people getting so little sleep? Here are four reasons why you might be missing out on those nightly Zs.
Almost everyone needs at least seven hours of sleep.