The Senate majority leader appealed to farmers in his home state to grow more hemp.
But doctors say that comparison oversimplifies how the disease actually works.
He is best known for his efforts to address teenage use of e-cigarettes.
The measure would not apply to e-cigarettes, cigars or chewing tobacco
An "astonishing" uptick in teens’ use of e-cigarettes helped drive the proposed rules, said FDA chief Scott Gottlieb.
After 12 years, I put down cigarettes and found out my hero was here all along.
A typo by President Trump's lawyer takes on a life of its own.
Noise is “the new secondhand smoke” — both annoying and harmful to your health. As Europe quiets down, U.S. cities and states
The tobacco company is pushing e-cigarettes instead, in what anti-smoking advocates are calling a "P.R. stunt."
The passenger claimed she needed to smoke for "the anxiety."
“Unexplained infertility.” It’s a maddening diagnosis. Infertility is defined as 12 months or more of natural conception
A new anti-smoking campaign is the result of a major lawsuit win, but it also shows how much power the tobacco companies still have.
Don’t Die From Lung Cancer. Get Screened And Stop Smoking. Lung cancer is the No. 1 cancer killer in African-Americans. Blacks
The new perk is meant to compensate nonsmokers at the Japanese company for the time others spend taking the breaks.
It’s 6:45 on a cold and rainy Tuesday morning. The alarm blares. As you begin to wake and wonder how it could possibly be
By Susan Blumenthal, M.D. and Rachel Gardner, B.A. Obesity rates in the United States are at an all-time high. In 2015-2016