It can be tough to break free from a "What if?" way of thinking. But it is possible to work around your tendencies and adopt
I go to a yoga class two or three times a week, and I find that when I'm the most reluctant to go--when I'm feeling out of
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What is your body saying? It could be hinting at an imbalance. Maybe you're not vertically loaded properly--meaning your
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"It's a good thing that people want to take an active role in their health," says Philip Hagen, M.D., vice chair of the division
To prevent that from happening, try these four surprising tips to keep a realistically bright, if not sunny, outlook. By
Contrary to popular belief, no study has ever been conducted on the question: Does deodorant cause cancer? How then, has
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By: Rina Deshpande Sit tight and keep reading. The answer appears later in this article. William Arthur Ward eloquently defined
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To learn the three other natural methods of dealing with sleep deprivation, continue reading the original article on
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At this point, I could write my own book about how such a career detour has impacted my relationships and beliefs (you want
Together this blend is potent when diffused at home or at work, and great as an effective, cooling summer deodorant. By: Shira
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3. American Prairie Reserve, Montana Take an American-style safari in this ever-expanding 353,104-acre reserve, where conservation