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I'm a city boy that doesn't have a driver's license, but I'm fortunate to have married a great driver. This summer plan to be in a car as a passenger as often as possible. This past year I have grown to appreciate car travel.
Now that I've become a source of recommendations and itinerary planning for the Catalan capital, I've become ever more aware that the city has developed a deserved and depressing reputation for opportunistic theft.
Britain loves it According to data from the Office for National Statistics, Spain received just under 13 million visitors
In the afternoon, the twenty peñas (clubs), along with their charangas (bands), make their way around the city center, finally
Restaurants in Menorca offer the hungry traveler a truly sensational eating experience. At the heart of any travel destination is food and this is especially true of Menorca; the cultivation, collection, variation, preparation and ultimately its consumption are the foundation for almost all activity on the island and the daily schedules of those who live there.
We stayed at Hotel Playa Mar, in Port de Pollença, a quaint beach town on the east coast. Each day offered three-to-five
My Spanish friends just love croquettes -- croquetas in Spanish. To me they taste like soggy tater tots. But at Madrid's
After having read The Sun Also Rises multiple times during my undergraduate years, I finally made it to Spain in my early 20's. I embraced Spain as much as I did Hemingway's classic novel. Since then, I have returned multiple times; and not a day goes by that I don't long for my next return.
Despite inconsistencies in quality, by the denouement, the work is powerful and draining, an emotional overload for anyone who's ever been in love and been hurt, or for anyone who's sacrificed their personal lives for their craft.
Barcelona is a popular destination for study abroad students, but what makes this vibrant city such a great choice for study abroad?
I finally found traces of my "lost" existence at a Barnes and Noble, thumbing through Lonely Planet's Discover Spain. My
Joel Grey as the Emcee. Castaño is much too tidy as Sally. She's a siren, but that's all. Her character isn't the 19-year
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Attend the folions parade, held on Sunday, where boteiros and other characters take the streets preceded by different percussion