Raised in a conservative Christian household, the "Ad Astra" star said his beliefs have evolved into something simpler.
A former reverend and sex ethicist, Ambrose is teaching the LGBTQ folk how to reconcile their sexuality with their spirituality.
I needed a good therapist and antidepressants. Instead, like many, I turned to spiritual healer John of God.
Faced with a hostile modern world, women are finding strength in ancient traditions.
Alleged abuse and cult-like brainwashing. "Magic" crystals. And a self-proclaimed healer with unfettered access to young women for decades.
Gov. Kate Brown told reporters she practices yoga and meditation, and believes in treating others with respect.
For Curry and others, being Christian means rejecting white nationalism and misogyny, while protecting immigrants, refugees and the poor.
Choosing a new religion can often be a fraught decision. These converts share their experiences with finding new faiths and what that meant for their families. (Supported by Netflix)
Two converts offer their perspectives on their spiritual upbringing and how it empowered them to embrace a new faith. They speak openly about how they found their new religions and what their decisions meant for their families. (Supported by Netflix)
The 85-year-old Oscar winner has a lot to say about the singularity, dark energy and humanity's place in the universe.
What Glossier did for skin care and Rupi Kaur did for poetry, Bunny Michael does for New Age spirituality.
Francis had previously called the accusations against Bishop Juan Barros "slander."
The devil didn't make them do it. They did it of their own free will.
At present, authorities have few leads in the disturbing case.
No more awkward tugging and pulling 🙌
But the pope didn't waver in his support for a controversial Chilean bishop accused of covering up abuse.
Francis' trip to Chile has already been marred by protests against how the church has handled child abuse allegations.