"As I neared the end of my journey, I was still looking for that 'big' moment of revelation, when I hoped to see unmistakable evidence of the Divine."
It might be time to start living our most authentic lives — just for ourselves.
"He told me that when he first saw me walk into the room, his spirit called mine to him."
"As you might imagine, a bar is not the ideal place for spiritual work."
In the second season of this Peabody-winning show, filmmaker Terence Nance puts an emphasis on spirituality, rituals and Black love.
Meet three spiritual leaders working hard for queer people to have a safe space in the religious community.
"After I’d deconstructed my whole belief system and I’d shown God the door, what was left?"
Authorities won’t investigate and arrest anyone for planting, cultivating, buying, transporting, distributing, engaging in practices with or possessing the plants.
Vodou Priestess Jessyka Winston had no plans of turning her spiritual practice into a business. Winston is now using Haus of Hoodoo as a platform to teach her followers the truth about Vodou and Hoodoo.