Do you remember life before Sriracha or the Instant Pot?
This is a crosspost of my blog, Healthy Food & Healthy Living. Spices for healing are an old belief with a modern incarnation
September 2016: reported exclusively that on Sept. 23, 2016, McDonald's Corp. filed a federal trademark
There's another beef/chicken tandem at an overseas McDonald's that's interesting: In Italy, the retro 1955 Burger is back
"You may want to get a glass of water," I warn my colleagues. It's 10 a.m., and I've dumped a bag of old white bread on the counter to use as the vehicle for testing 10 vinegary hot sauces, each waiting in a bowl marked with just a number.
Salad chain Sweetgreen announced two menu changes on Tuesday: The fast-growing and deep-pocketed company says it started contemplating how to make food healthier, and it's decided the first step is banning all traces of bacon, as well as Sriracha, from its 50 locations.
One of the many joys of being a mom to small kids is indulging in kid foods. Gummies, Goldfish crackers, and most of all, Chicken Strips!! I mean, could there be anything better?
When rain splashes on the pavement water quickly spreads in crevices finding spaces even with the tiniest receptacle -- it does not stand still.
The question to be answered in the coming months is whether burger chains (and suppliers) will be able to resist the temptation to turn other sauces into bun flavorings. Who will have the first ranch-flavored bun?
“There are no dollars involved,” he said. “I’m not paying them for the brand.” But when Israel, whose company is known for
Heinz and Tabasco launched their own versions of the hot sauce.