St. Louis

The rock icon described a peculiar interaction he had back in the day on Graham Norton's show.
Police say the 19-year-old gunman who shot and killed two people at a St. Louis high school purchased the AR-15-style rifle from a private seller.
Tenth-grader Alexandria Bell and 61-year-old physical education teacher Jean Kuczka died and seven students were wounded.
James T. Beighlie, 72, pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to two counts of possession of child pornography.
A massive downpour has caused flash flooding across St. Louis, Missouri, with multiple people needing to be rescued from cars and homes.
The daughter of Hughie Robinson, who later died of his illness, now represents him in a suit against a hospital for assault, battery and false imprisonment.
A grand jury indicted the St. Louis couple who aimed guns at anti-racism demonstrators in their neighborhood back in June.
Perez Reed was found in possession of a handgun that matched shell casings found at the scenes of six separate shootings in Missouri, prosecutors said.
A Missouri official asked the state Supreme Court to suspend the law licenses of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who threatened Black Lives Matter marchers.
Mark McCloskey, who pleaded guilty to pulling a gun on Black Lives Matter protesters, posed with a new AR-15 gun after surrendering his old one.