Stephanie Seymour

Police say Seymour was unsteady on her feet, her eyes were bloodshot and her breath smelled of alcohol.
But could this anecdote be the explanation behind the photo shoot? In the spread, Peter and Harry are shown fixing up their
"Stephanie represents modern women today in such a beautifully articulated way and she represents modern beauty and luxury
Seymour was photographed in a pink floral bikini as she took a dip in the ocean on Saturday (Dec. 28). The 45-year-old stunner
Kate Stoupas, Suzanna Pasque, and Anthony Viscogliosi. Photo: Herbert Collection. The Prince has been working his way up
PHOTOS: To attend the Yesssss!” MOCA Gala 2013 on Saturday, the supermodel made a pretty questionable fashion choice: a black