Here’s everything you need to know about ghee, the clarified butter that’s being hailed as a superfood.
Kale, avocado and coconut are great—but let's talk chocolate.
By Nicole Frehsee When it comes to health food, everything old is new again. And experts say that can be a good thing: "What
These little guys are loaded with omega-3s.
Who says superfoods have to come from exotic places? Goji berries may come from north-central China and acai from deep in the Amazon, but farmers in the Midwest are hoping that a native fruit could bring the same cachet.
4. Sardines: People either love or hate these little fishes but it's undeniable that they are a super food: full of essential
National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the contributions of Hispanic men and women in American society. What started
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It’s hard to keep up with the ever-growing list of foods that keep us happy, healthy and, let’s face it, alive the longest. Here are our favorites.