Tell Me Why

Experts may have all the answers; but, let's face it, kids have all the best questions. Today, 7-year-old Edden wonders why birds have different types of feathers.
Today, 9-year-old Alex Walters teaches us how to bake the perfect pie.
And he's ready to tell you how to save yourself.
Experts may have all the answers, but sometimes kids discover more about the coolest things. This week, 11-year-old Tanishq schools Josh on what goes into a biological computer.
Experts may have all the answers, but when it comes to gay rights, 12-year-olds Quinn and Polly might have something to teach us. They join us to discuss what they've done to fight for equality, plus they'll explore what else can be done to help.
Experts may have all the answers, but let's face it: kids ask the best questions. Today, 9-year-old John asks an astrophysicist about black holes. John wants to know: is planet Earth at risk for being swallowed up by one?
Asteroid enthusiast Ben joins Ricky and Dr. Dan Durda to weigh in on the plot of "Armageddon".