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Emma McNail for HuffPost
"I am getting so many answers right on 'Jeopardy!' tonight my husband just asked, very seriously, 'Is this a re-run?'"
Stop falling into this trap, and you just might experience joy more often.
"Every craft store needs an aisle labeled So Your Child Has a School Project Due Tomorrow."
Did you know that items at eye level cost more?
"I began creating the white picket fence life I thought I wanted. We even started homeschooling. If I was going to be home all day anyway, why not?"
Firstly, not all types of processed food are created equal. Secondly, here's how to know when you may be eating too much of it.
It’s hard to imagine that fruit juice is nutritionally on par with Coca-Cola. But ... is it? Here's what experts say.
Nordic parents believe this promotes sleep and health.
You and your family will be just as well nourished by these store-bought items as their homemade counterparts.
Get to know your grandkids by asking the kind of questions that will appeal to their curiosity.
Forget what your parents told you. It’s time to start talking to strangers.