The Inner Life

It's easier to get angry than to go to an unshakable place of loneliness. But the truth is your arbiter: It will free you
Da Capa Lifelong Whatever you want to change, these books will be your transformation guide. And we wouldn't be living in
Our physical presence follows a process of adaptation, first with the reflexes of our body, then with the functions of the
Hell yeah, David! Are we becoming more critical and knowing in regard to our cultural attraction to the unreal or are we
No matter how wonderful or horrible your parents were at raising you, it's inevitable that your inner adult world is darkened by a major emotional need that your parents failed to provide.
I feel privileged to have visited the tomb of St. Francis at the Basilica in the charming village of Assisi while attending the canonization ceremonies of Mother Teresa in Rome one month ago.
Lights, cameras and action are essential components to rock concerts and revivals. My first Rolling Stones concert as a teenager
This is the pressure most of us put ourselves under. We berate ourselves. We beat ourselves up for not being what we could be, for not being motivated enough, for not moving quickly enough.
The more physical space we occupy, the more space occupies us. This emptiness doesn't refer to a perceptible absence, but to a fundamental ubiquity that flows throughout the whole Cosmos.
I will continue to soar in this life until the inevitable end. I don't fear the end, I respect it and am humbled by the fact that death waits calmly for me in some beautiful dance or the face of the sun or maybe a dark corner.
When we live through these seven principles we open ourselves to the possibility of experiencing life with the openness and awe of a child, walking hand in hand with an adult whose perspective stems from the wisdom of a life being lived.
When we realize we're more than our work, when we realize we're allowed to value ourselves more than we value the opinion of others, we stop taking our criticism and our praise so personally.
"Go, even though you love him. Go, even though he is kind and faithful and dear to you. Go, even though he's your best friend
If you're your biggest critic then nobody else can harm you. Your opinion of you means more to you than their opinion of you, so how could they harm you? Their words are just noise - sometimes distracting, but never compelling.