The Inner Life

Suzannah Galland is an internationally acclaimed life advisor and influencer for mindful living. Suzannah contributes invaluable
Daring greatly is about gaining the courage to step into the arena, whether in new relationships, an important meeting, the
This step isn't about beating yourself up for what isn't going well. It is all about growing your awareness; listening to
ἐπεί δέ τό κινούμενον καί κινοῦν καί μέσον, τοίνυν ἔστι τι ὃ οὐ κινούμενον κινεῖ, ἀΐδιον καί οὐσία καί ἐνέργεια οὖσα We are
If those willing to enter the darkest places and face the unknown would gather whatever threads of meaning and imagination
Just BE the love that you ARE. "That changes the way people see me, but it has nothing to do with me. My celebrity is a function
No matter how wonderful or horrible your parents were at raising you, it's inevitable that your inner adult world is darkened by a major emotional need that your parents failed to provide.
Whether or not our soul chooses our circumstances, the belief that our challenges are for us, not against us, is hugely empowering
I feel privileged to have visited the tomb of St. Francis at the Basilica in the charming village of Assisi while attending the canonization ceremonies of Mother Teresa in Rome one month ago.
If we could only remember God's love, and we have an opportunity to love others as He loves us, not in big things, but in