The Royal Family

At one point, the Duke of Sussex appealed directly to the judge about the press "misleading" him.
From his witness statement about struggling under media scrutiny, to the gruelling cross-examination over the royal's past.
Prince Harry entered a London court to give testimony against a tabloid publisher he accuses of phone hacking and other unlawful snooping.
The Duke of Sussex was unavailable to testify because he’d taken a flight from Los Angeles after the birthday of his 2-year-old daughter.
The royal explained the sweet significance of her newborn's name in a heartwarming announcement.
The "Seinfeld" star said she fashioned her dress after that of a member of the British royal family.
The "Firebrand" star engaged in some putrid method-acting to play the British monarch in Karim Aïnouz's new film, he revealed at the Cannes Film Festival.
“To those who have abused me and my family, I would just say: If your aim was to hurt me, well, you’ve succeeded,” journalist Stan Grant said.
Chopra Jonas' friendship with Meghan Markle may have inspired the dig.
The duke privately shared the sentiments about Princess Diana with his friends, according to a report in The Times of London.