Theme Parks

The attraction opens Thursday at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida and in January at Disneyland in California.
Here are theme park destinations beyond the classic Disney, Universal and Six Flags fare.
The coaster derailed at the La Feria amusement park and fell 33 feet, leaving two others injured.
Move over, burgers. Here come the plants.
"Whoever named them 'amusement parks' never took their kids to one."
Whites used to put nails at the bottom of pools in Cincinnati and pour bleach and acid in pools with black bathers in St. Augustine, Florida.
The New Jersey amusement park was notorious for head injuries, broken bones, horrific wounds and even deaths.
The move is to help ease congestion as Disneyland and Walt Disney World face increasing crowds.
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will open first at Disneyland, then at Walt Disney World.
Florida theme park takes interactive to a sparkly new level.
But folks who get caught doing so risk getting tossed from the Happiest Places on Earth.
The theme park's challenge is not quite so intimidating when you see the details.
Universal Studios theme park even helped out with a key prop.
The outage at Cedar Point was caused by a traffic accident.
About 25,000 visitors were evacuated and hundreds of firefighters were called to battle the blaze.
It turns out Hogwarts absolutely condones this ― and so does the general public.
These venues go beyond skip-the-line passes and online tips.
An "abnormality" halted the coaster at the worst possible time.
The changes will already be in place when the park reopens on April 28.
See Disney's most famous coaster in a whole new light.