"That first night ... I said out loud, 'I’ve hit an all-time low.' But something amazing started to happen over those first few weeks of sleeping with a stuffed animal."
"While I myself don’t experience emetophobia (fear of vomiting), making a concoction of split pea soup, white vinegar and crackers to put in my mouth and spit into a toilet was definitely a discomfort I could have lived without."
"I never imagined in a million years that my old school tiger dad, who could never admit any wrong, would agree to discuss our feelings with a complete stranger in family therapy."
Experts share their advice on the steps you should take after you have a big realization or an "aha" moment during therapy.
Therapy is widely seen as where couples go when things aren’t going well. But here’s why it could be useful even earlier on in a relationship, even when things are going well.
Therapists explain when the need for filler sound — like music or the TV — may indicate a mental health issue rather than a welcome distraction.
“'I just came out two years ago and I’m dating. But I’m 72,' he shrugged, smiling. 'Something needs to change. Before I die, I want to have more sex!'”
Members of all communities deserve access to comprehensive and affirming mental health care.
"With each incident, I became less shocked at what I had done to myself, and therefore willing to use tools increasingly likely to cause injury and scarring."
"[My physical therapist] invited my husband to come to an appointment... I was nervous... Would he be disgusted? Would he still want to attempt sex with me after this?"