Tiny Homes

When it comes to getting a mortgage, all the benefits of a tiny home could suddenly become roadblocks.
Just over a year ago we made a fantastic purchase. We decided to buy a little home on wheels from a seller in Northern Ontario
When your home is on wheels, it’s worryingly easy for someone to drive away with it.
Now everyday travelers can live the tiny house dream. 🏠
The project will offer affordable housing to people in need -- and could also help bring back a struggling Detroit neighborhood.
You will start to see the non-essentials in your life, such as people you'd rather not be involved with, poor habits you engage in, and others. You'll find this to be a movement that changes the way you live and the way that you think.
The tiny-home trend has really taken off in the last few years. Here, you can look inside the Alpha Tiny Home, New Frontier's flagship model. At only 246 square feet, it's just about the fanciest little thing you've ever seen.