The best summer toys of 2020 are those that get kids outside and moving.
We found hose attachments that spin and shoot water and blow-up play mats with slides and waterfall features.
The president violated copyright law, claims the company representing the parent, by using a video that Twitter had said was "manipulated" to make a political point.
Sales of face masks for infants are booming during the coronavirus pandemic, but they're not effective — and could be unsafe.
"Taking my toddler to an NHL game tonight. Gonna tell her Elsa made the ice."
"People’s assumption that it’s hard to travel with a kid has been so far from true for us. Instead, our son has inspired us."
Sales are way up, but nutrition experts say they're unnecessary.
"My toddler is never more adorable than when we're playing hide and seek and he actually thinks I'm trying to find him."
The kids are safe, but Color Wheel Learning Center in Prairieville, Louisiana, has had its license revoked.
"It's like toddler crack, isn't it?" the star of "The Aftermath" joked.