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Retirement should be a gradual change that we ease into, not an abrupt departure with false promises to stay in touch.
At some point, you just have to let go of fixing everything for them.
I'm experiencing creaks in my floorboards.
This is why the Social Security Administration is a nightmare to deal with.
Preparation is the key. That, and when ordered to evacuate, I scram.
Unfriending someone on Facebook is kind of like leaving the holiday dinner table -- it won't change anyone's offensive views, but you may feel better.
Heading straight for the ATM, we thought our plan was simple; we would take out enough cash to last us for the next four
East Coast Natureworld Nicola works as an independent personal travel counsellor and has vast experience in the travel industry
7 Cool Places for Dining, Wining and Playing Around. Hidden Gems. Located on tourist friendly Collins Avenue between Lincoln
Lastly, I recommend group travel with different generations. It adds a layer to the all the adventures you'll be having by
However, despite all this insanity that kept happening around me (and the fact that I literally heard Donald Trump's name 10 times per day), I had the best year of my life.
It seems that as of late, fed-up Millennials are dropping like flies from the corporate world in pursuit of their "purpose
7. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Because Malbec and steak all day everyday is perfectly acceptable. With the Peso-Dollar exchange
The annual Bahamas Gospel Fest, sponsored by the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Coca Cola, is a four-day event that includes
    Backpacker to the Max | Broke Backpacker     Finding the right accounts @goatsontheroad People love to reminisce back
Brandon and I sit on the balcony, starring into the starry night, as the waves gently crash and feel truly relaxed. We later
It might surprise you to learn that about twenty million people a year come to Cardiff. They're typically tourists. They