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We left the hotel severely distressed and disheartened. To have an issue when you are traveling is challenging, but to have
I am sure many of you reading this already know that yes it does snow in Australia in winter, but I am sure there are some
7. National Hotel Miami Beach -- It's not easy distinguishing yourself from the other myriad of hotels that dot the shores
For those At Sea Days, leave your suite and check out the sing-alongs or workout opportunities. The crew does such a great
However, despite all this insanity that kept happening around me (and the fact that I literally heard Donald Trump's name 10 times per day), I had the best year of my life.
I have many interests I'd like to cultivate. I enjoy playing the piano, I wish I was better at drawing, and I'm working on
10. Matera, Italy: Because you can travel through a 9,000-year-old Italian city. With over 1,500 cave dwellings and structures
Partying, playing, dining and traveling around. It's 82 degrees in Nassau! 6. Café Matisse -- Just off East Bay Street in
Jules and Christine seem to have gone everywhere, but they make sure to share how to do it responsibly. Plus their drone
Our airy, spacious room with plantation shutters, and contemporary wicker furniture looks straight out of Pinterest, complete
Modern sports stadiums aren't the only architectural gems that this city has to offer. In fact, one "must see" structure
8th Day of Travel Therapy BROADEN YOUR HORIZONS Are you ready for some Asian inspiration? 3rd Day of Travel Therapy CELEBRATE
Companies Won't Be Crawling at Your Feet. What a wonderful dream it is to think that as soon as you start blogging, big companies
Although it is one of the most expensive countries in the world, it is totally possible to visit Iceland on a budget. Instead of swearing it off forever, there are more than a few ways that you can save money on a trip to this far-flung arctic island.
The election of Donald Trump is, by most sane assessments, a tragedy of historical proportions, one that is perhaps oversized
I'm so happy I went out of my way to see what locals like to call, The Crown of the Continent. Now I'm back to tell the story
LIKE THIS POST? PIN IT! STAY HERE MAKE IT HAPPEN I drove around the Berkshires in the 2017 Ford Fusion Energi, a plug-in