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Let's face it, 2016 was annus horribilis--a really bad year! Yet hope reigns, and 2017 offers us a clean slate. Happy New
After using Levels: 7. Make it Black & White. 2. Crop the image. Not every image you take is going to be perfectly framed
The election of Donald Trump is, by most sane assessments, a tragedy of historical proportions, one that is perhaps oversized
My mother often reminisces that her parents would summer in Montauk from the mid 1950's through the early 1960's, and that what I found in Montauk during the winter was as close to the real experience as what is left.
6. Incredible photo ops: With dramatic snowcapped mountain peaks, rocky ridge lines, glaciers by the hundreds, waterfalls
But what if you don’t have a professional photographer boyfriend? Or for that matter, what if you don’t have someone’s hand
Feast on this, tree huggers: America is home to the largest, oldest, and tallest trees in the world. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks in central California is a habitat for the largest tree by volume, the giant Sequoia. Great Basin National Park in Nevada is home to the oldest trees, the Bristlecone pine, which can live up to five thousand years.
The usual “rule of thirds” guide applies, but be creative. After a few years of cool but unrealistic time-lapses, a few years
arrived in Varigotti in northern Italy and was immediately transported to a magical wonderland for film directors and photographers. Isolated beaches, fresh orchids, salty cacti, and gelato-colored homes overwhelmed my senses as I began filming in the cinematic and whimsical style prevalent throughout my Instagram videos and GIFS.
Sebastian Erras found a different way to explore London's museums, restaurants, and cultural spots.
The reason we mostly shoot faceless imagery is because I have pretty epic hair that I have been growing for almost 9 years. Yeah, okay, you got me! That isn't the reason but having long hair helps, right?
There's a lot going on for me. The dip of the head, the hand gesture, the priest in the foreground who established that this
The UNESCO World heritage site of the Dolomite mountain range in Northern Italy is known for its impressive peaks, probably because they are unlike any other peaks in the world.