The Democratic mayor-elect of the Arizona city will reportedly be the only Latina leading one of the 50 largest U.S. cities.
TEP is due to review its energy plan for the next few years, which presents it with the opportunity to drop at least a large
“You are Muslim and not welcome,” the note read. But the family says the Tucson community has otherwise been warm and welcoming.
This story also appears in Travel Ovations. Try the Sonoran hot dog at El Guero Canelo on 12th Avenue. Owner Daniel Contreras
People say that we make a difference because we do. Teaching doesn't feel like work -- it's just what I do. I know I could retire now, but I think I'm still pretty healthy and good at what I do. Not being a teacher is inconceivable to me.
Paul Nosa is a traveling sewing artist and musician. Armed with his self-made, solar-powered sewing machine he drives around the United States in his green van, asking people to conjure five-word scenarios, which he then sews.
An eye-catching exhibit during Banned Book Week 2015 resurrects the history of a 1983 book-banning in Tucson, AZ.
Refined flour is another tricky food to avoid, partly because it's so hard to detect. Even grain products that say "whole
New Zealander Steph Brown and West Virginia-born multi-instrumentalist and producer Fen Ikner are Lips, an electronic pop act characterised by a girl with giant lips for a head.
If Wal-Mart spent as much money helping to protect its customers outside the store as it spends protecting its merchandise inside the store, perhaps Maria Sklias would be working at her restaurant today, instead of suing Wal-Mart.