Gift ideas for tween girls and boys 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 years old.
Remember our daughters are often listening.
This is a dark time for women and girls.
Middle school is not too young to become financially informed, and there are age-appropriate resources out there geared to
Teach your daughters to get to know the contents of the tool drawer.
When May and colleagues compared the brain activity patterns in the parents during the breathing task and the mind wandering
Understand that this time of parenthood, when the kids are so young and dependent on me, is sometimes isolating, especially if we have a baby.
At each stage of your life, I will find you complete, even ― or especially ― when you’re not being cute or compliant.
I like who they are turning out to be. And while I don't attribute their delightfulness entirely to attachment parenting, I do think that being raised with such extravagant love as had a profoundly positive effect on my kids. In my experience, here are some of the long-term benefits of attachment parenting.
While I'm on record as saying "it gets better" as your kids grow up, it also gets more complicated to parent them and to know if you are making the correct-est decisions yourself.
The weekend is here. The first family members have arrived. My lists have lists, which have lists. Your dad is doing his best to be patient as I try to check things off his list too.
Tween girls will need the help of their moms to travel through the stage of puberty.
There was just something off-putting about those words on your window...
One example could be: "Dear Mother, that rule that says I must not end my brother's existence because he "accidentally" destroyed
How can you help your child prepare for this new experience so they can think of it in a positive light with new opportunities for friendships and learning?
• She might be twelve but not too old to have her mother sit by her side and gently massage her back for a while. When bedtime