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"Cured?" I said nervously. "What was wrong with it?" "I'm Ben," he said. I ordered it anyway. Marco hurried away to get our
It took 36 years, but we may finally have a sequel to the legendary Twinkie Defense. To summarize, the Twinkie Defense was formulated by attorneys for Dan White, the San Francisco city supervisor who killed Mayor George Moscone and fellow Supervisor Harvey Milk in 1979.
As the Pumpkin Spice Latte soared in popularity, it wasn't long until the beer companies jumped on the bandwagon. After all
For adults who love eating like kids, these mature match-ups might help drain the shame from old faves.
The tax break, worth about $2 billion over a decade, allows companies to claim up to twice the cost of the donated food. WASHINGTON
What really ups the sugar, though, is what we put into that plain yogurt. Fruit, especially the syrupy kind mixed into store
Think you know a lot about Illinois? Let's take a little quiz then.