Here's a list of all the things you need: First you're going to work with the Twinkies! Cover two-thirds of the Twinkie with
"I'm Jerry," I responded, shaking his hand. "We should open an ice cream business." He returned shortly afterward with not
It took 36 years, but we may finally have a sequel to the legendary Twinkie Defense. To summarize, the Twinkie Defense was formulated by attorneys for Dan White, the San Francisco city supervisor who killed Mayor George Moscone and fellow Supervisor Harvey Milk in 1979.
Pumpkin flavored coffee; sure, it sounds disgusting. The mad scientists at Starbucks wanted something that would evoke the
For adults who love eating like kids, these mature match-ups might help drain the shame from old faves.
The tax break, worth about $2 billion over a decade, allows companies to claim up to twice the cost of the donated food. WASHINGTON
Part of this high sugar count is due to sugar that occurs naturally in yogurt, but the amount of natural sugar varies dramatically
Think you know a lot about Illinois? Let's take a little quiz then.
"We did smart, tough talk radio," Caplis said, adding the he hopes Silverman will be a regular part of his new show. "Craig
It might be hard to imagine, but there was a time when nachos didn't exist. Or hamburgers.
Twinkie, ramen, and Cronut buns. 2013 was more than a slightly ridiculous year in the burger creation game.
Some people don't enjoy snacks. They don't eat chips or candy or doughnuts because they don't like the taste. My theory is that those people don't have tongues. Snacks are yummy.
Think green tea Twinkies. Cinnamon Twinkies. Dulce de leche Twinkies!
I have kept the same heroes since the eighth grade and it has been a great month for my own personal hero worship.
To say this recipe for Pumpkin Twinkie Dessert is insanely good is a gross understatement. It is so creamy, so flavorful, and just so downright decadent it's flat-out amazing.
The Twinkie, while nostalgic and iconic in every way, represents just that: the old way of doing things. Those arguing that we should be able to (literally) have our cake and eat it too need only to look at obesity stats.
"Had these subsidies gone directly to America's 146 million taxpayers," the report notes, "the apple subsidies would enable