Type 1 Diabetes

HuffPost readers share their stories about dealing with the rising cost of insulin and other livesaving drugs.
If you read the news, you know that insulin has become so expensive, Type 1 diabetics are dying.
Establishing emergency care plans helps children with diabetes, school nurses, and school personnel work together to successfully manage high or low blood glucose in the school setting. Communicating in advance with your child's teachers and other school staff can help make the school year a healthy one.
Adhesive Capsulitis Development Adhesive capsulitis develops slowly and goes through three distinct phases. The entire three
This kid swimmer was excited to represent the Killer Whales.
It seems our non-diabetes medical community has failed our kids on this issue, so until they begin to care about this, it
Diabetes has taught me a lot of hard lessons - but through it all it's also made me the strong mother I am today. I'm so
Patients, physicians, diabetes organizations and industry MUST collectively make sure this practice of restricting medicines
In Uganda, T1D is a financially backbreaking disease at a cost of at least $700 a year for basic tests and supplies. For a country with an average income per capita hovering around $600, and with 19.5% of the population living below the poverty line, this cost is prohibitive.