From soup and juice to salsa and mayo, turning food waste into new edible products is a growing industry.
Here are a few ways you can reduce waste and create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.
Given the production-oriented nature of modern consumerism, however, upcycling has gotten lost in the shuffle. But at its
The most wonderful quality about diamonds is that they are one of the only types of physical matter on this earth that do not wear and tear. As a result, you can not tell the difference between a diamond worn 300 years ago from a diamond freshly mined.
Below are six more of my favorite ideas for repurposing jackets, shirts, pants, and other articles of clothing:
If you're not a fan of taking the long way around, these easy shortcuts are just what every self-proclaimed lazy girl (or guy) needs to make their home look amazing without too much time or effort. You might want to save these so that you have them handy for the rest of, oh, forever!
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Many migrants on the island have to sleep in tents, with little to no protection from the winter weather.
Take that garland down from your stair railings and Christmas tree, and get ready to create a wearable party accessory everyone