Here are a few ways you can reduce waste and create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.
Brown, who built her entire business on the concept of upcycling, is a shining example of how upcycling and entrepreneurship
The most wonderful quality about diamonds is that they are one of the only types of physical matter on this earth that do not wear and tear. As a result, you can not tell the difference between a diamond worn 300 years ago from a diamond freshly mined.
Below are six more of my favorite ideas for repurposing jackets, shirts, pants, and other articles of clothing:
If you're not a fan of taking the long way around, these easy shortcuts are just what every self-proclaimed lazy girl (or guy) needs to make their home look amazing without too much time or effort. You might want to save these so that you have them handy for the rest of, oh, forever!
21. Make burlap-backed paper artwork Project via Canary Street Crafts See the full post here. 27. Wrap a wreath ring in an
Many migrants on the island have to sleep in tents, with little to no protection from the winter weather.
2. Centerpieces 4. Party Hats And in case you didn't get the goodies you were hoping to see under your tree, be sure to check
The DIY community over at the This Old House microsite, TheSnug.com, couldn't get enough of eco-friendly upcycling projects and salvage ideas. Check out our top trash-to-treasure ideas of 2015 right here.
It's always amazing to see how people deck out their homes inside and out for Christmas, but it's even crazier when the materials they use are pulled straight from the trash!
For those of you who like to save used jars or collect leftover materials from a project, instead of tucking those unwanted items in the back of a cupboard you can turn them into something entirely new!
Pallets can be found anywhere -- even on the side of the road. Like timber crates and boxes, you can simply upcycle pallets by setting them up as coffee tables -- or, you can put some elbow grease into updating them with stain and varnish.
People are loving the idea of using reclaimed pallet wood to build and create all kinds of things. Why? More often than not, you can score the things for free.
As a proud born-and-bred Parisian, as an enthusiastic traveller, as someone who's been living abroad, I must confess that each time I go back home I'm shocked by some archaic features of the City of Lights.
Now that your gardening work is paying off and all that patio furniture is cleaned up and back in place, your outdoor areas are just about done. What are you still missing? Well, here are nine gorgeous garden details and plants that you might want to think about adding.
Whether you're an expert builder or you've never touched a screwdriver in your life, these inspiring home upgrades will have you planning, measuring, cutting and hammering away in no time. Updating your home decor is fun, but it's even more fun when you're saving money.
What may look like an empty cardboard box or a finished egg carton could actually be a stylish bedside lamp waiting to happen! Instead of tossing out those retired boxes, cans, and bottles, give them a new life, by turning them into useful and beautiful household items.