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"A lot of times, you don’t know something is available to you until you see somebody who looks like you doing it."
The decision, which is expected to come into effect within the next few weeks, has been praised by advocacy groups.
The fee is targeting the 15 million people who visit Venice each year but only stay for a day.
Give yourself the first-class treatment, even if you’re flying economy.
Honestly, 60 percent of being a digital nomad is just trying to find reliable Wi-Fi.
Italy-based Fairbnb intends to invest half its profits back into the community.
This is the best carry-on suitcase I've ever used.
Panicked passengers rushed past checkpoints, resulting in checkpoint closures for up to three hours and some flight cancellations.
Flight 33, bound for Maui, was forced to return to the California airport following a series of "unrelated faults," an airlines spokesman said.
All I wanted was a new place to call home, far away from my past life.
Keep this in mind before your next family vacation.
The advisory also came on the same day the Venezuelan government announced an investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido.
Reports from two flights said a drone had been spotted over nearby Teterboro Airport.
It has been a dream trip of mine since I was a child.
These destinations deserve a spot on your travel list, too.
While many national parks have been forced to close, there are great state-run alternatives.
Here's what you should consider to make sure you're really getting the best travel deal.
I was petrified that if I didn’t play the Instagram game, I would be a nobody.