Valentine's Day Recipes

What's better than a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day? A homemade chocolate dessert, of course. From Chocolate Bread Pudding to Chocolate Cupcakes to Chocolate Cream Pie, these desserts are sure to make your sweetheart swoon.
Neuroanthropologists say our brains really do connect food with love. What better way to test out the theory than with this
Make the right decision and stay home this Valentine's Day.
Makes 6 servings Looking for an equally indulgent drink to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try this decadent Ginger Hot Chocolate
Use your imagination, be creative and you'll earn a lot of credits!
"I look at food as art -- my plate is the canvas and the food my color pallet. I use the texture, color and flavor of food to bring to life the story of the dish."
Prank vs. Prank remains the most popular prank-focused channel on YouTube. Now Jesse -- the male half of PvP -- looks back at the biggest, best, most outrageous pranks every played by boyfriends on their girlfriends, just in time for Valentine's Day!