Vegetable Recipes

Your farmers market haul is great for making salads -- but it can also play a starring role in these bake-it-all-in-one-dish dinners.
What makes a food super? It has to be packed with nutrients and good for your health. It also has to be delicious! From Asian Kale Slaw with Ginger Peanut Dressing to Tart & Tangy Fro-Yo, these recipes prove that eating healthy doesn't have to be boring.
I also cut a medium-sized summer squash (courgette) into quarter-inch (6-mm) dice and briefly sautéed it in olive oil, again
In the plethora of diets out there, no nutritionist has ever said that veggies are bad for you. Eat seasonal ones that are
Whether you buy it ready-made or make your own, pesto is the perfect way to add pizzazz to any dish.
A wonderfully flavorful, super rich tasting and healthy, side dish. I made it the other night and had to stop myself from eating all of it. It's that good!! You'll love how easy spaghetti squash is to cook.
Asparagus is to spring what pumpkin is to fall: it's versatile, delicious, and everywhere. Whether you grill, roast, purée or sauté it, you can never go wrong with this elegant spring vegetable.
2. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon, Pecans & Maple Syrup Fresh broccoli in olive oil and garlic is roasted until lightly
If you've got 20 minutes to spare, you can definitely whip up vegetable soup on the fly.
Of course, the EVOO-enriched veggies also showed higher caloric and fat content. But everything in moderation, right? Related
From creamy soup to rich-tasting sides and crunchy pasta -- is there anything this wonder vegetable can't do?
We're still traveling, so there's been no home cooking, at least not in our home. But here are two dishes Jackie and I will be eating once we get back to New York, plus one amazing revelation about an ingredient we all know very well.
A confession and a resolution, all in one.
Vegetables don't have to be boring or relegated to a side dish. From roasted broccoli with chipotle honey butter to balsamic glazed roasted beets, these recipes are so flavorful and satisfying, they could carry an entire meal.