The Italian city's mayor issued renewed calls for a massive barrier system that could protect Venice from historic floods.
Luciano Silighini Garagnani showed off his shirt for the cameras.
#6 - Venice, Italy Venice is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway or a place to soak up some of the rich art and
Since the Middle Ages, Italians have been lightly frying fish and onions in abundant oil, then sousing them in vinegar for
Tourism maybe good for business, but in two of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations, locals say the number of visitors has become unsustainable.
An angry backlash against overcrowding has swept places like Dubrovnik, Rome, Barcelona and Venice.
The massive hands can be seen rising from the depths of Venice's canals.
In my recent note on our visit to Trieste I mentioned that Jackie and I were served an antipasto of baccalà mantecato: dried
Damien Hirst's new show features "recovered" sculptures poised to sell for up to $5 million.