Investigators were on the case when the Grand Canal became fluorescent green overnight.
A cruise ship almost hit the land in Venice, as it moved through the lagoon under turbulent conditions. Campaigners have previously called for an immediate ban on cruise ships entering the area.
The stars made things red carpet official (again) after rekindling their romance in May.
The global lockdowns put in place to combat the coronavirus have also been dramatically reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
Weddings and funerals will also be banned; movie theaters, gyms and bars will be shut down until April 3.
As the virus outbreak saps financial markets, businesspeople around the world worried about the threats to their livelihoods.
“No photoshoot production was required for the making of this issue,” the magazine’s illustrated cover reads.
The "acqua alta," or high waters, have flooded the city three times in less than a week.
Autumn in Germany, Mercury in transit and an animatronic dinosaur round out this week's best images.
A regional council member in the Italian city pointed out the sad irony in a Facebook post.