Here’s a little inspiration to channel classic icons of Old Hollywood style this winter.
Women like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe knew a thing or two about matching separates, great bathing suits and high-waisted shorts.
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Generation upon generation of children grew up experiencing the sight of a Christmas tree bathed in natural candlelight and
Here are some of the models that are still being made today you can choose from: Christmas Tree Clip-On Candle Holder (or
This version include a horizontal arm, which enable the candle to extent beyond the branches. A row of teeth attach the holder
A tree bathed in natural candlelight has a magical, commanding presence. It's unforgettable. It's transcendent. And it brings
Demystifying Vintage Apparel I’ve been watching Netflix’s Stranger Things, and it’s spurred my affection for all things 80s
As the owner of a literary gift company, I have a lot of gorgeous old books. I'm often lucky enough to find hidden treasures, secret snippets of the past, nestled within their pages.
Julia Llanos of Hello Dudettes made a slick video proving that Sophia Amoruso is the ultimate role model.
Former carriage house - Upper East Side townhouse by Inson Dubois Wood with a diptych painting by Michael Dickey. Photo: Mark
The final product in Eldin's workshop. The next step was to call my friend Eldin, of Johnston Craft, who I commissioned to