The longtime editor said she regrets publishing images and stories that have been racially and culturally “hurtful or intolerant."
The singer hit back at an "inaccurate" article about her appearance at the Met Gala with John Mayer.
The Vogue editor-in-chief lambasted the president's "dishonesty with the American people."
“No photoshoot production was required for the making of this issue,” the magazine’s illustrated cover reads.
The dress included 100 buttons, "empowered shoulders" and her kids' initials, wedding dress designer Jenny Packham told Vogue.
"I believe in forgiveness. I prayed on it," the rapper told Vogue for her cover story.
The rapper told the magazine that being a mom has made her a "different person."
The singer held nothing back in an interview with Vogue.
Baldwin opened up about competing with modeling industry pals like Jenner and the Hadid sisters, and navigating a "hard" marriage to Justin Bieber.
The model — formerly Hailey Baldwin — posed for the shots for Vogue Paris.