The "Solar Power" singer spoke with Vogue for its October cover story.
The Fox News personality likened the cover story about the first lady to North Korean propaganda.
Jill Biden, who is gracing the August cover of Vogue, shared the major difference she’s noticed in America since President Donald Trump left office.
"When I travel around the country now, I feel as though people can breathe again," the first lady said in a Vogue cover profile.
The 23-year-old national youth poet laureate also opened up about her life since the inauguration. "It’s OK to seek greatness,” she told the magazine.
"It's hard to keep doing music when people don't necessarily take you seriously," Gomez told Vogue in a new interview.
Readers can now buy the February issue of the magazine -- featuring a more formal shot of the vice president-elect -- online.
The longtime editor said she didn't intend to "diminish the importance of the vice president-elect’s incredible victory" by selecting a less formal image.
Critics at first didn't believe the “washed out mess of a cover” could actually be real.
Anne Twist said her pop star progeny has always expressed himself through fashion, and that "I think maybe I had something to do with it."