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It seems that as of late, fed-up Millennials are dropping like flies from the corporate world in pursuit of their "purpose
Traveling to Antarctica captures part of your soul and drops you in a majestic, serene, unlivable and harsh world where you
I'm not going to lie, it's definitely a change. I'm used to constant mobility and new sights--which I'm not getting at the
I recently got back from my 7th continent trip - a basecamp activity cruise to Antarctica. As one would anticipate, it truly was a trip of a lifetime and filled with unexpected adventures at every turn.
If you're going to do one thing in America-just one thing-go do the Pacific Coast Highway Drive. There's no better view of
I'm traveling to Antarctica next month to take on my 7th continent adventure. One of the first questions I typically get
That's why you need to do it. Don't ask any questions; get in your car and go. You'll be surprised at what happens. You'll rediscover what it means to be alive. You'll crush any obstacles that stand in your way, and when you get back you'll be forever changed.
Every single bite is like getting one of the corner pieces.
5. Send The Elevator Back Down Exposing yourself to cities and cultures around the world grants you the ability to give back
Tour guiding has its mundane side...such as entering all the receipts into our guides' not-so-beloved accounting software
Why traveling solo can give you the best company Many people would like to travel, but they don’t want to go alone. So they
It was pretty disheartening to see the reactions of Torontonians to my article on why New Yorkers should consider Toronto
I won't give those who say it too much grief though. I think deep down most of them know that it's not luck. But by George