Waldrobe Malfunctions

The Grammy winner called the momentary crisis “f**king embarrassing.”
The judge is in her final season, and she's leaving behind a memorable moment.
If the "High Horse" singer hadn't pointed it out, most of us would've missed this fashion fail.
True to form, the "Hunger Games" actor recovered from the situation flawlessly.
The actor belatedly praised her "Much Ado About Nothing" co-stars Reeves and Robert Sean Leonard for their handiwork at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.
The actor posted a clip on Instagram to announce she reached 24 million followers.
"This broke my focus and that problem impacted my time," said Hungary's Kristof Milak.
The two-time Grammy winner shared footage with Jimmy Fallon to prove his almost X-rated moment wasn't meant as a publicity stunt.
"The Hustle" star showed host Stephen Colbert she had all the right moves to try to hide it.
"We could spend forever talking about how out of touch this makes Melania seem, but I don't really care. Do you?"