Waldrobe Malfunctions

The two-time Grammy winner shared footage with Jimmy Fallon to prove his almost X-rated moment wasn't meant as a publicity stunt.
"The Hustle" star showed host Stephen Colbert she had all the right moves to try to hide it.
"We could spend forever talking about how out of touch this makes Melania seem, but I don't really care. Do you?"
"Mentally, I’m a little freaking out that I’m on a talk show in a towel," she said.
TV presenter Alina Moine presented a bit more than the news during an Olympic preview broadcast for Brazil's Fox Olimpico
Dressing for success has so many different meanings to different people that the ability to dress well seems to have become a lost art. So how do we actually need to dress for interviews and the workforce? As an experienced hiring manager, I saw every conceivable outfit walk through my door, and there are a few lines that should not be crossed.
Keep on dancing till the world ends, even if your zipper breaks.