We Tried It

This workout was just right: My heart was pounding and I was dripping sweat, but I could still crack a smile. The 50 minutes flew by, as we moved from one exercise to another before anyone had time to get bored or wish class was already over. I left feeling strong.
Thanks to those sturdy harnesses, the instructors were able to alleviate some of our body weight just by holding onto our safety ropes, leaving the bulk of the work on me to perform the motions rather than hold myself up on the bar -- honestly, it was much easier than it looks.
I was more than a little intimidated walking into the studio, but I found the movements were easier to catch onto than I'd expected. After some initial embarrassment, I realized everyone else in the class was having a great time, so I tried my best to just smile along.
Remember when you decided you wanted to get in shape for the first time? And after two minutes, your head started pounding and your heart felt like it was going to jump out of your chest? Yeah. That's what working out in an AirFit studio feels like.
I could definitely feel the skipping, cone-weaving and plank crawls. My dog, Ted, on the other hand, cruised through it effortlessly. Maybe it helps to have two extra legs.
Runners will appreciate that the Sproing Trainer was designed with them in mind as a way to build endurance and strength without the pain that can come with pounding the pavement.
I would assume that parkour is helpful if one happens to be in a situation where they need to quickly escape from vicious dogs and the only way out is jumping over a super tall wall. For regular folks it definitely strengthens your core, arms, legs and butt.
I wasn't crazy about sleeping with the Dreampad, mostly because I'm very particular with my pillow. But I am a big fan of white noise to block out changes in sounds throughout the night, and the Seaside Strings track did just that, while also relaxing me before bed.
The rope climbing was challenging, but not impossible, and the best part was getting to hang upside down and stretch my legs around, because that's what I'd imagined doing when I signed up for the class in the first place.
The team sport mindset is tough to replicate after we age out of high school and college athletics, but Tone House gets close.
Yoga feels good. But practicing yoga on a board in the middle of a bay or in the ocean is simply delightful.
I did a really tough stair workout a couple of weeks before the race and kept up with my general workout routine, but I felt completely lost going into this adventure: What should my pace be? How much was this going to hurt?
This is pretty much my own particular brand of crazy burn. It's time-efficient, high-intensity, functional and safe. Eventually, maybe I'll even be able to finish that full minute of burpees. Maybe.
At this age group, the goal is without a doubt more activity. But because it's also essentially a HIIT workout, which we know burns calories and fat while improving fitness levels, even adults could benefit from a little CrossFit for kids.
Think of it as Zumba meets the yoga mentality. If you're not one that's already on board with the whole positive mantra-reciting thing, it can be hard to get into it. But it's definitely a work out, so expect to sweat profusely and feel your heart rate rise.
I walked out of class feeling empowered, thinking that I had the strength to kill someone. The only problem is that I also felt that somebody out there wanted to kill me.
Transitioning from plank pose to lunge pose on the Indo Yoga Board felt almost like getting into standing position on a surf board -- minus the cold water, wind and salt.
Yes, it's a little tough on the hands -- but in a way that's reminiscent of making it all the way across the monkey bars in second grade. If you're at all competitive, you'll recognize that as a good hurt.
With no transition time in between movements, I found myself falling behind as I transitioned out of the resistance band and onto the box. The second and third times through were much smoother, but not perfect.