Wedding Guests

For BRIDES, by Jillian Kramer. For the most part, wedding guests are simply happy to be a part of your big day. But it turns
Getting hitched? Who is the lucky guy/girl? How and when did this happen? When is the special day coming? The news of people
No matter how hard you try or what precautions you take, there are bound to be a few yawn-inducing moments in every big day (yes, even at the best of them).
The wedding guest should consider herself much-loved and fortunate to have gotten the invitation to stay at the wedding venue, and to accept it and enjoy it. While she certainly doesn't want to take advantage of a good friend, it would be very rude to insist on paying for her room at their daughter's wedding at this point, especially since she's already offered, and they've already declined.
So much for "speak now or forever hold your peace." 🙊
Just being honest here that chances are that your random date won't be in your life forever. However, you'll be looking at
It wouldn't be a wedding without the guests. A great party starts with good planning and making sure your guests are in the right frame of mind to have a great time. After all it's the guest's energy that really makes for a great party. You are hosting these guests - and like any good host, it's your job to ensure your guests enjoy themselves.
It's that time of year -- your refrigerator is filling up with wedding invitations, and between shower gifts and wedding gifts, well, your wallet is hurting.
The creators of this new app sent it to me asking for feedback - I'm still wondering why they even thought I would spend